While serving in the Army, Larry ruptured several discs in his back during a parachute training exercise when his chute failed to open properly. Despite his injuries, Larry has worked consistently to provide for his family. At this point, it has gotten harder and harder for Larry to work. Unable to stand/sit for extended periods of time, his age and his many VA visits make it difficult to find or keep a job. The roof of Larry’s trailer is well past needing repair. It is extremely dry, rotten and leaking in several places. Florida summer is not kind and rainy season could be disastrous. I use the word “disastrous” because I have personally seen the condition of the roof and know the severity of the Florida rainy season. Please pray for Larry and donate now to serve this veteran!

Update – We did it! With the donations that we received, Larry was able to finance the remainder and get a new roof on his trailer before the 2021 rainy season began. This repair has also motivated him to begin cleaning and repairing the inside as well. As you can imagine, the fear and feeling of everything collapsing around you can make everything seem overwhelming. Chasing and repairing new leaks was all consuming. Now that he’s no longer trying to “hold back the storm”, Larry is now cleaning, organizing and installing new flooring throughout the home! Thanks to all who donated and for all of the prayers. God is good!